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Things to do when doing homework. Homework Problems? How to Motivate Kids with ADHD

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First, Understand that Studying is Not the Same as Doing Homework - Intelligent

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  • For example, the new rules might be that homework must be done in a public place in your home until he gets his grades back up.
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How to Make Homework Less Work (for Teens) - KidsHealth The Difference between Guidance and Over-Functioning Your child needs guidance from you, but understand that guidance does not mean doing his spelling homework for him. Small snacks, stickers, iPad time or toys work well for younger children.

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Critical thinking and higher order thinking

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3 Ways to Make Homework Fun - wikiHow

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How to Get Children to Do Homework | Empowering Parents

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ADHD Homework Helper: 13 Easy Study Skills

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First, Understand that Studying is Not the Same as Doing Homework

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