Research paper service quality Service Quality Expectations of Academic Library Users

Research paper service quality.

  • Two items were used to measure repurchase intentions e.
  • The research had been conducted from September until March
  • The first instrument for measuring service quality was developed by Parasuraman et al.
  • Export citation and abstract Content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.

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Catches of Library and Liquidity Providers, 51 4Kahn, B. Galup, S.

A Research on Tourism Service Quality: Measurement and Evaluation | SpringerLink

Hendricks, K. Art, A.

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Perceived service quality and customer satisfaction: A fuzzy set QCA approach in the railway sector

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  • In both cases, it is often some aspect of customer satisfaction which is being assessed.
  • This research validates the proposed service quality framework with two dimensions e-service quality and logistics service quality in ecommerce context.
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